November 18, 2016 (Friday) there was a girl who select for division meet to play her game SOFTBALL she’s not happy to be there because she don’t like the team will she be in because they have a small issue about their last game last September the triangular meet even though she continue to play but the making “ASA ASA” to her because of that the girl fake her face like she’s hurt and she tell her couch that her tummy is aching so the couch believe her and let her sit then the game continues but sadly at the end they didn’t won. After the game the girl visit her friends “the baseball player” on other field to cheer them and wait the game to end even though they “the baseball player” didn’t win they’re happy because the had fun unlike the game of the girl, because of that the girl forgot her problems and she had fun.

Having a TRUE friend is a blessing they can remove your problems and they can make you happy and keep each others company and will love you always.


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