Everyday we have encountered many challenges. It’s so difficult to handle it but you really need to face it because challenges are lesson you can get from it. In November 10, 2016 there was a girl and her boyfriend got into a big argument because this GIRL is so “selosa”. That girl got angry because his boyfriend is so close to the other girls HIS SO CALLED “GIRL FRIENDS”. But she knows that she should place her limits but it’s hard not to get hurt so this girl confront her boyfriend her feeling towards the “GIRL FRIENDS” of this boy but the boy got angry too he said to her girlfriend that “they’re just friends” but the girl knows that they’re just friends but it really hurts her because of the closeness with the other girls unlike her they’re not really talk to each other or being sweet to her then the boy just realize that its to much to hurt her so he apologize and do his work as a boyfriend like being caring and sweet.

And on that day they learn their lesson like the boy he need to be sensitive on how he move or talk because somebody will get hurt if he is not careful and he know how to listen the others problem and know his wrong doings And the girl knows her limits and share/ open up her problems .In a relationship you TRUST each other, have PATIENCE, PUT DOWN YOUR PRIDE, UNDERSTAND one another, GIVE and TAKE, and LOVE each other. Those things mentions are the importance in every relationship that can make your bond stronger and longer. That’s all we need to learn from now on.




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